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Here’s my really simple method for painting with watercolor! Hope someone finds this at least a little bit useful! ^^

(I apologize the typos (edit: damn there were STILL so many argh!) and possible bad grammar.)

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It’s like a Yoshitaka Amano character come to life! :o

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Here is a fancy witch to celebrate having a new tablet ( and Harry Potter/ Jo Rowling’s birthday too ) Who could go wrong with that bird hat, right?  I’m forever on a quest to push my paint application to a stronger place … One step forward 

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Girl In A Forest

Medium: Digital (Photoshop, Painter)
an experimental piece. A mixture of inking style and watercolor touch
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15 & 21: Summer Clothes and Most Expensive Thing Owned:

Lenly has more of a wardrobe than Noya does- probably owing to the fact that she takes pretty good care of her stuff whereas noya Ruins All Things pretty much immediately.. the fact that those boots have lasted so long is an actual miracle

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12 Most Essential Skills Every Artist Must Have

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I've always loved your art but i was wondering how do you color hair I adore how soft it looks
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uhh i’m not good at explaining but i’ll do my best i guess


before i colour i try to make sure my sketch is cohesive, having hair separated into chunks. hair does naturally form in clumps rather than individual strands but i stylise it a LOT so it looks real thick


basic colours, on a layer set multiply (usually decrease the opacity of my lines so they’re less obvious but blend in better with whatever base colour i use). considering the light source also, darkest in the middle but a little less so on the very bottom. textured brushes also help toooo



usually i’ll reuse a colour already existing in my colour scheme to add into the hair, but since this is real quick i just picked two colours i like, and i consciously try to pick colours that work well together already (blue and orange/brown). unless i’m deliberately doing unnatural looking hair, i try to keep those colours a little pale, a little desaturated so they blend in a little nicer. i’m trying to think of my reasoning for doing this but all i can come up with is ‘it looks cool’ x_x;;;;


hair is usually pretty shiny or at least i just really like how shiny hair looks so i put in a darker shade of the brown-black, mostly in the middle


i finally merged the line and colour layers together so i could start blending and defining everything better. also, for even more shinieness i put in some highlights. don’t overdo this :0
i don’t usually pick new colours at this point, just eyedrop what i already have. but if i do add new ones in (like the highlight) i try to make sure it’s similar enough to fit with what i already have (the orange highlight is just a paler version of the brown i was already using)


basically just continue defining stuff, don’t worry about making everything perfectly smoothly blended, hair can look better if its scruffy and less defined looking.


i still like to use outlines in my colouring, but i vary between having outlines darker or lighter than the colour inside. also in the case of the hair on the edges (notice the back of the head), i’ll use the orange as an outline against the blue, i found that looks kinda cool since they compliment one another

i think the key for it, and just for my approach to colouring in general, is to have a variety of tones and hues while still keeping it unified. rather than having the same kind of brown all throughout the hair, trying having multiple kinds of brown, warm browns, cool browns etc. or my approach is to add in stuff like blue as i’ve just showed you lmao
keeping colours unified can be hard, i have trouble with it a lot, but the more you experiment with colour the more you’ll develop an eye for it and start knowing intuitively what colours work and what don’t


i hope that answers it to some extent??? if you need me to clarify something let me know because i know im terrible at explaining myself ;_;
ALSO I GOTTA MENTION THE OBLIGATORY “this is just my way not THE way” please take everything i say with a grain of salt!!!!

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Commissioned character design for rainbow-meatballs :)

Thank you again for commissioning me and being such a sweetheart as always!♥

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I was still thinking about nicktoons and then photoshop died so I went crawling back to paint.